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Happy Valentines Day

One of my favorite scenes in Despicable Me 2 is to this tune. It’s such a great one to get stuck in your head.

Hope your VDay has been filled with lots of sweetness. 🙂


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February 15, 2014 · 1:36 am

I am Still Confused.

(My musical accompaniment to this post. Couldn’t find a soundcloud version.)

I was checking my online pharmacy prescription last week to make sure they were sending me a fresh supply and I found this email I’d written them a couple of years ago when I first signed up.

Our insurance company made me switch from going to Target to pick up my monthly prescription (a very easy and convenient thing to do) to going online to order 3 months at a time (a convienient if I could only figure out what the hell they want me to do thing to do).

This is the email I found (this was probably the 4th or 5th email I’d written):

I am still confused.
Please distinguish the difference between Auto Refill, Future Fill, and Ready Fill.
In plain language please tell me if I need to go online and request a refill every 90 days or not.

They of course replied with ANOTHER freaking form letter that I could not decipher. Sometimes I get nothing, sometimes I get a 9 month supply and 3 bills..ugh.

Back to the song. Tori Amos is my favorite. And this is one of my favorite songs. I know every word but I have no idea what she’s talking about. It’s like that with most of her songs for me. That’s one of the reasons I like her. It takes me years to understand what in the world she’s referring to.

So, I guess all confusion isn’t bad. (Though, if you have a thought about this song I’d love to hear it!).

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November 12, 2013 · 2:51 pm


When I think back to my excellent childhood almost every cool memory I have involves my bike. Not necessarily riding my bike (although the snake path in Key West, FL was always fun and I still dream about it) but using my bike to get to the cool places I wanted to go. It was awesome. For some bizzaro reason OM have never been into riding bikes. I let this go for a long time but last weekend I decided it was time to get this thing done. So, we offered some coveted incentives and said, let’s do this thing. Our intrepid little Maya picked up on it right away. O, our cautious soul, was a little slower on the uptake. We had a few rainy days of non-riding but today it came together for O too!
Later training wheels.
P.S. Sorry for the tilt mid way. I was hoping it would autocorrect. Silly me.

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November 9, 2013 · 3:33 am

Making Progress

Hopefully by this weekend we’ll have two little riders…

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November 5, 2013 · 9:49 pm

Dear Woody

Happy Anniversary.

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September 21, 2013 · 2:18 pm

Time to Dance

I’ve been on the computer for three straight days trying to get my online classes ready to go by next Monday. With no end in sight I feel it’s time for a little dance party.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted one of these.

So, everyone, stand up, hit play, turn it up, and shake your booty.

Then resume whatever other activity you really should be working on.

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September 18, 2013 · 5:30 pm


I heard her before I saw her and was expecting someone much, much older.

She’s good, good stuff.

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September 1, 2013 · 2:47 am