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Soccer Mom

ImageIt’s finally happened! I’m a soccer mom!


We’ve dabbled in it a little bit in the past, a class here and there but this Spring we are full throttle.

Owen is on a team.

This is the best photo of his game yesterday:

ImagePlease note the absurdly tall grass. It’s been raining so much that the ground has been too wet to mow.

Looks like they squeezed in a quick mow on Friday but the grass is still way too long and they left all the cut grass right on the pitch. 

But the kids ran their hearts out and kicked right through it. 

I’ll have better photos next time.

I forgot my camera and took all these with my phone. But really the reason they aren’t great is because I find soccer, well, any sport my kids are playing, riveting. It is so fun to watch. So, I didn’t want to take too much time out from my cheering to take photos.

ImageThis is Maya’s team. She’s number 3. 

Woody is coaching her squad. It’s all her besties from 1st grade plus two sweet girls from another school.




ImageMaya’s headband says “I bust mine so I can kick yours.”

She was pretty fierce yesterday, encouraging her buddies to get out there and do this thing. 

So, no mini-van but the back of the Leaf is filled with goals, multiple size 3 soccer balls, dirty cleats, orange cones and a nice shiny whistle. 

Go Westside Warriors (O) and Wavy Steelers (M)!!


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