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Oldie but oh so goodie


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1st sleepover of ’14

ImageMaya and Brook got the party going with a raid of the dress-up closet…Image

ImageImageOur sweet dinner crew…off to the Lodge.

ImageAJ and Brook thought it was weird that dead animals were hanging on the walls.

And they’re right.

Taxidermy is weird indeed.

But they have good beer there. And it’s close. So, there’s that.

Image Dear Racoon Lodge,

No one likes your ranch.


The A’s and the M’s.

ImageNext morning, pancakes for breakfast. Shhh. Don’t tell A&B they are gluten-free and full of pumpkin. They loved them. 🙂 Yay.

ImageA little outside time, followed by…

Imagemore dancing. Of course.

Can’t wait to do it again!

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Let’s do this 2014!

ImageThis morning we all get back to it.

Our Vitamin D stores are locked and loaded and our attitude is fierce.

2014 is gonna be awesome!

Hope your Monday back to the rigmarole is spectacular!

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Happy 2014!


We wish you a year filled with colorful food, good health, good times and loads of love, laughter and JOY.

We have a little six year old girl who reminds Woody, O and I everyday that life can be met head on with joy and all will be ok.

Less worry, more joy. Remember that. 

Happy New Year!!

(On the plate: Mississippi caviar (yum!), baked sweet potato and Joy’s (of course!) kick ass cornbread.)

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