ImageMy little tigers jogged their way through their school Jog-A-Thon last week.

I’ve never been able to go b/c it has always fallen on a work day for me so I was happy to finally take part in this year.

To make up for lost time I joined the planning committee.  This is the school’s largest fundraiser, taking in ~$40,000 that goes towards school improvements, field trips, computers, etc.

My little job was to order the t-shirts.

For the whole school.

All of the kids.

All of the teachers.

All of the staff (i.e., reading specialists, technology specialists, cleaning specialists, lunch lady specialists, etc.).

The volunteers too.

I had a few sleepless nights, mini panic attacks and tiny heart palpitations through the process. Yikes. 

When the awesome mom that coordinated the whole massive endeavor asked if I would do it again next year I was horrified to hear myself saying, “sure, I’d be happy to.”


Image There were lots of sweet little touches like below where the kids had a recovery area to sit down and rehydrate, eat bananas, bagels and chat w/ friends. It was pretty incredible to watch them all work (run) so hard. 

Way to go Tigers…





OM’s new favorite song.



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