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A Day in Mt. Hood

ImageWe spent a fine, fine day in Mt. Hood last weekend, enjoying stunning views and glorious weather with a trip around the Fruit Loop as its known in these parts. 

(BTW, if you click on the photo you can get a better view. 🙂

The first farm we visited was Rasmussen Farm. We realized when we got out of the car we had been there before, 8 years earlier when O was just three months old. 

A few of those from 8 years ago are sprinkled below…



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Cousin love.

ImageOwen wearing his cousin Scotty’s shirt. We’ve had that shirt in holding for about 6 years. Can’t believe it finally fits him. 

ImageMaya holding her new favorite doll, Cecile. It use to be cousin Faith’s. Maya would have you know that Cecile is being home schooled and that she is also left-handed.

Thanks Aunt Debbie for all the love.

Now go kick some booty in D.C. sister!!!

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ImageMy little tigers jogged their way through their school Jog-A-Thon last week.

I’ve never been able to go b/c it has always fallen on a work day for me so I was happy to finally take part in this year.

To make up for lost time I joined the planning committee.  This is the school’s largest fundraiser, taking in ~$40,000 that goes towards school improvements, field trips, computers, etc.

My little job was to order the t-shirts.

For the whole school.

All of the kids.

All of the teachers.

All of the staff (i.e., reading specialists, technology specialists, cleaning specialists, lunch lady specialists, etc.).

The volunteers too.

I had a few sleepless nights, mini panic attacks and tiny heart palpitations through the process. Yikes. 

When the awesome mom that coordinated the whole massive endeavor asked if I would do it again next year I was horrified to hear myself saying, “sure, I’d be happy to.”


Image There were lots of sweet little touches like below where the kids had a recovery area to sit down and rehydrate, eat bananas, bagels and chat w/ friends. It was pretty incredible to watch them all work (run) so hard. 

Way to go Tigers…





OM’s new favorite song.


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