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It finally happened…

ImageWoody finally replaced this baby w/ a new, safe, fully functioning vehicle. He bought that truck from Ginger in 2001. 

So, ya know, it’s been awhile…

Kind of like this:


ImageIn fact, on our 10 year anniversary Woody headed down to the Nissan dealership to lease this:


ImageYes! It’s a Leaf.

100% electric vehicle.

No gas. Not one drop. 

It’s pretty cute.

ImageWe actually got a babysitter (!!!!) on our anniversary and one might think we did something really cool on our first date in a LONG time.

And, one would be right.

We plugged in our Leaf @ a Blink station and sat in the car for 45 minutes while it charged.

Nobody does a 10-year anniversary celebration like the Myklebust’s! 


ImageImageIt really was lovely and I’m so happy my bff finally has a safe car to get him to and fro.

And we’re pretty stoked to be part of the revolution baby!



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Dear Woody

Happy Anniversary.

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September 21, 2013 · 2:18 pm

10 years ago tomorrow…

Image Pretty cool day. 

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Time to Dance

I’ve been on the computer for three straight days trying to get my online classes ready to go by next Monday. With no end in sight I feel it’s time for a little dance party.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted one of these.

So, everyone, stand up, hit play, turn it up, and shake your booty.

Then resume whatever other activity you really should be working on.

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September 18, 2013 · 5:30 pm

First week of school.

Image  Last night I was in bed with Maya talking about her day. She was telling me about story time and explaining how her teacher asked some follow up questions to the story he read.  One of her classmates answered one of the questions inappropriately. That classmate has Down Syndrome. So I was trying to find the words, without getting too technical, to explain why she answered that way.

I started to say, “Well, she has…” and then I stopped, trying to find the words,

and Maya said,

“a special way of learning?”

Umm, yes exactly Maya. Did your teacher explain that to you?

“No. He just said that she has a special teacher that helps her @ school and that hopefully, which, Mom, means ‘maybe notbut, hopefully she’ll get to have her special teacher everyday.

It makes my heart swell listening to her. I love how she retains information. O too. They’re both so sweet and earnest.

Before the year started we continued our tradition of baking a special treat and each blowing out a candle as we made a wish for the new school year.


The next day…


I started reading a book about art history last week too. So far my favorite part was when the author wrote, “There really is no such thing as art. There are only artists.” I can’t stop thinking about that.



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Summer 2013 Round-up

ImageOn our way to O’s school fundraiser. It was super lame but we had fun out on the town together. We realized we need to do that more.

How many times did we squeeze in just us time this summer??

Umm, none. Zip. Zilch. Zero.

Next summer I guess.ImageCamp Conestoga.

Our first year doing the summer camp thing. It was adequate but not epic.

Now we know. We need to fork out more dough for the cool camps.ImageWent on some cool hikes with some cool friends (and dogs). 🙂ImageSpent time with good friends.

ImageFireworks are always a highlight.

ImageWe enjoyed lots of meals like this. Easy.

ImageWanted to sew a lot but only sewed a little.

It was fun when I did.Image


ImageHad sweet birthday celebrations.ImageImageImageImageImageImageChecked out Wings and Waves which was fantastic.

ImageChocolate pie.

ImageCavities filled; teeth pulled. Ugh.

ImageImageImageEnjoyed local playgrounds.

ImageRan Hood to Coast.

Check out this fantastic slideshow. The first photo knocks my socks off.

ImageHung out with awesome visitors.

ImageImageWere enchanted in the forest.

ImageCan’t believe it’s over. Tomorrow I have a first grader and a third grader. (!!)

We loved you summer. Catch ya next year…

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