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I managed to get my booty up the mighty Mt. St. Helens, again.

Image   Back in 2009 Woody and me and some friends hiked up MSH. It was awesome but we all vowed to never do it again. 

In 2013 some of my dearest amigas from Peace Corps were visiting and really wanted to do it so Monday, August 19th I found myself at the trailhead again. 

Image ImageImageImageImageImage ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage*I’m having trouble inserting text between the photos so I’ll have to comment down here.

The hard part of this whole deal is getting up all those rocks. There isn’t really a trail. There are just poles sticking out of the rocks to sort of guide you up and you just do your best to follow those. 

It wasn’t really cold at the top but we had been sweating bullets so with the slight breeze and drenched clothes we all felt compelled to bundle up a bit.

There was a guy smoking a cigarette at the top!

Going down is harder than going up. My legs were shaking so hard I wasn’t sure I would make it. Once we got back to the trail within the tree line I was a-ok. 

I could use some better hiking gear. I was a hot mess with my ensemble of Woody’s shorts (the very ones he wore last time we hiked MSH), a t-shirt (non polyester so it just soaked up the sweat), a beach hoodie, and my 10 year old visor that is barely holding it together. Ugh.

Earth is a beautiful, mysterious place and despite the frequent f-bombs spewing from my word hole whenever I looked up and felt daunted by what I saw, I was grateful to be able to take in the grandness of our surroundings. Totally epic.

I will never, ever do this again.*

*Unless O and/or M wanna do it one day. 🙂


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Just a Little Heart Attack

This video is a couple years old but I just saw it. Have to share anything that makes me laugh and cry simultaneously.

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August 21, 2013 · 4:47 pm

Highlights from Whistler, BC

ImageThat’s us.

In front of our lovely home away from home for the week, Club Intrawest. (Thank you, thank you, thank you Grandma and Grandpa May!!)

ImageThat’s Lost Lake in the morning.

ImageImageThat’s it in the afternoon.

ImageThese signs were everywhere around the lake.  They really are TINY. 

ImageOM looking for the toads (we saw lots but no photos).

ImageThat’s us in line waiting to go on the Alpine Luge.



Next they “kissed the sky“…ImageImageImageImageNext we walked through town to get ice cream. 

So here’s the absolutely excellent thing about Whistler. This is a town designed to encourage and support human-powered movement. There are sidewalks and trails to guide every possible direction one wants to go. Everywhere people are walking, running, biking, swimming, kayaking, etc.

And not only that.

There is a real energy in the air there to challenge yourself. I was reading the Editor’s Message in Mountain Life magazine and he claims risk, not variety, is the spice of life. I really witnessed that while we were there. Little kids to well past retirement age folks weren’t looking for an easy experience. Everyone was out for an adventure and all the pain, mystery and fear that go with it.

I was so inspired. 



The next day we rode up the ski lift to the top of Blackcomb Peak.ImageImageOnce we were to the top we took a gondola, the Peak 2 Peak, over to Whistler Mountain.

The Peak 2 Peak is a big deal b/c: It holds world records for the longest free span between ropeway towers—3.03 kilometres (1.88 miles) and highest point above the ground—436 metres (1,430 feet).

A few photos of the view:



Next was the scary chair lift ride. I still shudder thinking about it. To get to the top of Whistler mountain you have to take one more lift, the Peak Express. 

Scary! So, so scary. ImageImageImageImageBut the view once you were there was worth it.

ImageImageImageImageOwen took that one.

ImageImageImageIt was amazing up there but I was happy to be getting my feet back to lower ground.

OM also got some excellent pool adventures in. They probably went down the slide 50 times everyday.

ImageImageImageJust for fun…here’s what we looked like last time we visited:Image


And now…ImageWe heart you Whistler…see you soon.


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